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    • haaslava 5.50 EUR
    • luunja 5.50 EUR
    • tähtvere 5.50 EUR
    • tartu vald 5.50 EUR
    • ülenurme 5.50 EUR


If you’re interested in a job in customer service that keeps you on the move, you have a driver’s licence, have good stress tolerance, a positive outlook, excellent navigating and communication skills and are responsible and cooperative, we offer you a chance to join our constantly developing company as a FOOD DELIVERY PERSON. Work in shifts; use of company cars. 
The job offers a lot of variety and, in addition to the aforementioned, places emphasis on correctness and accuracy. Both full and part-time work possible; employment contract. 

If you feel that this offer is for you and would like to work at a company that is the best in its business, send your CV to info@tellitoit.ee


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