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    • Pärnu Linn 4.00 EUR
    • audru 5.00 EUR
    • paikuse 5.00 EUR
    • sauga 5.00 EUR
    • sindi 5.00 EUR
  • tallinn
    • haabersti 6.50 EUR
    • kesklinn 5.00 EUR
    • kristiine 5.50 EUR
    • lasnamäe 6.00 EUR
    • mustamäe 6.00 EUR
    • nõmme 6.50 EUR
    • Õismäe 6.50 EUR
    • peetri küla 6.50 EUR
    • pirita 6.00 EUR
    • põhja-tallinn 6.00 EUR
    • viimsi 5.00 EUR
  • tartu
    • tartu linn 4.90 EUR
    • haaslava 5.90 EUR
    • luunja 5.90 EUR
    • tähtvere 5.90 EUR
    • tartu vald 5.90 EUR
    • ülenurme 5.90 EUR

How to order?

You no longer have to call the restaurant to order food to go. Now you can do it online, where Tellitoit.ee makes the process quick and easy for you.

To order:
- Select your location. You will be displayed the restaurants available in your region.
- Select your desired restaurant and place the food of your choice in the cart.
- Now simply enter the address that you wish to have the food delivered to.

Payment is also made comfortable – you can either pay via bank transfer or directly to the delivery person.
We recommend that you log in to Tellitoit.ee before you place an order. You may also log in using your Facebook account or by registering at Tellitoit.ee. Needless to say, registration is free.
Registered users can place orders even more easily as many of the fields are prefilled enabling you to place your order quicker.
Also, if you log in, you can watch how your food is prepared and delivered to you, as well as when the restaurant accepted the order or when our delivery person picked your food up from the restaurant.

Bon appetite!


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