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  • pärnu
    • Pärnu Linn 4.00 EUR
    • audru 5.00 EUR
    • paikuse 5.00 EUR
    • sauga 5.00 EUR
    • sindi 5.00 EUR
  • tallinn
    • haabersti 6.50 EUR
    • kesklinn 5.00 EUR
    • kristiine 5.50 EUR
    • lasnamäe 6.00 EUR
    • mustamäe 6.00 EUR
    • nõmme 6.50 EUR
    • Õismäe 6.50 EUR
    • peetri küla 6.50 EUR
    • pirita 6.00 EUR
    • põhja-tallinn 6.00 EUR
    • viimsi 5.00 EUR
  • tartu
    • tartu linn 4.90 EUR
    • haaslava 5.90 EUR
    • luunja 5.90 EUR
    • tähtvere 5.90 EUR
    • tartu vald 5.90 EUR
    • ülenurme 5.90 EUR


Q:  How long will it take for my food to arrive?
A: A: An order will be forwarded to the restaurant as soon as it is placed. Once it is ready, Tellitoit.ee’s delivery person will pick it up. Our aim is to bring the food to the customer as quickly as possible, but it may take at least 35 minutes for the food to reach you.

Q: Will I be able to see how long it will take to prepare and deliver the food​?
A: Yes, registered users will see the entire process live under In Process. 

Q: Who will deliver the food? Someone from the restaurant? 
A: No, the food will be delivered to the customer by an experienced and cheerful Tellitoit.ee delivery person.

Q: How can you guarantee that my food is still warm when it reaches me?
A: We use thermal food carrying bags and boxes, some with and some without additional heating, to help keep your food warm. 

Q: If I order food delivered to my home, do I need to pay any additional fees other than for the delivery?
A: No, no additional fees will be added to the price.

Q: Are the prices on Tellitoit.ee same as the restaurant’s prices at the restaurant?
A: Yes. The prices might actually be cheaper on Tellitoit.ee due to discount campaigns.

Q: What do I have to do to be able to order my favourite food from Tellitoit.ee?
A: If the restaurant hasn’t joined our system yet, let us know and we’ll do our best so that you’d be able to order their food from our site very soon. 

Q: How can I verify that my order has been placed?
A: Your order has been placed if Tellitoit.ee displays the confirmation “Your order has been successfully placed!” along with the contact information of the restaurant and a map indicating the delivery person’s route. If you have any doubts, you can contact the restaurant. 

Q: What to do if I don’t receive the confirmation SMS? 
A: If you are requested the SMS confirmation code when you place the order and you haven’t received the SMS within 5 minutes, the order has not been processed by our system and you need to place the order again. Make sure that you enter a valid Estonian mobile phone number when you enter your contact details. The SMS will only be sent to an Estonian mobile phone number. 

Q: If I don’t have an Estonian mobile phone number, does that mean I can’t place an order?
A: In that case we recommend that you select bank transfer as your payment method when you place the order. If you use online banking to pay for the order, Tellitoit.ee will not request an SMS confirmation code and the order will be placed immediately after the payment has been made. 

Q: What do I do if something is missing from my order or has been added extra?
A: Contact the restaurant that you ordered the food from as soon as you discover the mistake. Tell the restaurant your order number and the missing or extra products. 

Q: Can I place an order by phone?
A: We only accept online orders. If you have no access to the internet, call the restaurant and place the order with them. 

Q: Where can I find information on the current location of my order?
A: Tellitoit.ee will display a map with the delivery route and the location of your order once you have placed the order. Note! If you have closed the browser window that displayed the confirmation message “Your order has been successfully placed!”, there is no way to get back to that page. "

Q: What do I do if I want to change my order?
A: If you would like to change your order, contact the restaurant immediately and tell them the changes. 

Q: Can I pre-order food?
A: Pre-orders can only be made for the same day. To do so, select the most suitable time from the Delivery time selection when you place the order. We will bring the food to the indicated address at the time you selected. Please allow for +/- 5-minute differences in delivery times. 


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